The lower half of Manhattan.

Here I am in one of my very favorite cities in the entire world. Manhattan. New York City is so visually stimulating. This incredible metropolitan wonderland offers my eyes the best art that ever was. The Met, The MOMA(5th floor), The Guggenheim, The Natural History Museum, Neue Galrie and The Frick. Then there is this very special gallery of art. This is not the normal, go to the museum kind of art, but the kind of art that only your eye can catch as you are walking its bustling corridors. The lower half of Manhattan. This is a place so full of art, not everyone sees what you see.      This museum is filled with canvases of people in outrageous fashion. The buildings are architectural masterpieces.  The sidewalks have stencils of magic adorning them. The walls are painted murals of abstract faces, objects and words. The cars are mostly yellow and occupied with a passing still life of an outward stare. The cafes offer their pastels of flavor and the patrons are masters of their domain. This is indeed one of my very favorite galleries to be in and gives me such inspiration. This beautiful city, Manhattan, puts a sweet cherry in my heart and inspires me to make art. 

I feel so honored to be here and launching my first collection of rings. It is in this gallery city that my first art teacher lived. My great aunt Isabella Croche. I dedicate this line to her, as I know she would want every single design in every material. She was a renaissance women, a fashionista, a designer and a lover of art. My sweet aunt Bell always told me to do my art and give it to the world like the people do in the lower half of Manhattan.

Aunt Bell...This is for You! I love your spirit!


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