Uma K: Heirlooms and Inspiration


Uma K: Heirlooms and Inspiration

A true California girl, when Kate Thorson isn’t in her studio, or in front of her computer working on her business, she is out finding inspiration, be it in nature, with her children or through her Yoga practice. Raised in the artist community of Laguna Beach, she has been constantly surrounded creativity and was lucky enough to travel to foreign lands from a young age. With travel came an interest in seeking out ancient sites and unusual places and a trip to India planted the seeds for her wonderfully unique jewelry line, Uma K Jewelry.


uma-k-1-copyUpon returning from India (where she traveled with a Brahman Priest), Kate returned to the States and met with a dear friend at Burning Man. This conversation sparked the first line of midi-rings. It wasn’t long before she found herself with a blossoming business, offering a complete line of pieces in 14k gold, sterling silver and brass. She tells U& C magazine she is a lover and collector of jewelry and heirlooms, which is why her jewelry will last a lifetime – it’s heirloom quality. She says it is important there is no filling or plating and this emphasis on quality is part of her success.

uma-k-3-copyAs she draws inspiration from nature, there are no limits to how her business may expand, as long as it expands organically and without any compromise to the integrity of the design, the quality or her passion for what she does. There are many jewelry lines available are influenced by nature in different ways, but it is the authenticity of what she does that sets her business apart.


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Photography by Johnny Murphy @johnnyshotdigital

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